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Proudly Danish, Bering watches stand uniquely amongst its rivals in the UK watch market concentrating exclusively on creating a watch brand which is as pure, clear and breathtakingly beautiful as the Arctic itself.  Rene Kaerskov, the founder of Bering, was inspired in 2008 by the Arctic landscape and with passionate discussions, the vision of Bering watch brand slowly evolved and took shape.
Bering watches are created from ceramic links, simplistic faces and covered with a sapphire crystal glass, all of which will preserve your Bering watch for a prolonged time. Bering watches are affordable, high quality and elegant timeless which work well as a casual watch or a suit watch.
Toulson Jones Jewellers of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent are an authorised UK retailer of Bering watches. Buy your Bering watch from an authorized Bering retailer to ensure that your watch is authentic. Only an authorised Bering retailer can provide you with exclusive access to Bering’s special parts and expertise, including the Bering international 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. If the Bering warranty is not stamped by an official agent at the time of purchase, the watch will not be recognised by Bering or any of its service centres.

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