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Toulson Jones Jewellers in Tunbridge Wells, Kent have been creating and designing their own bespoke wedding rings for almost a decade.  All diamonds and materials used in the production of the wedding bands are of the highest quality.  The wedding rings are created in their UK based workshops.  Toulson Jones Jewellers wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular as they thrive on producing the perfect wedding ring to compliment your engagement ring for your special day, transforming your ring ideal into reality.  
Within a month, your wedding band can be produced in the metal of your choice from 9ct-18ct white gold, 9ct-18ct yellow gold, palladium, platinum and titanium, thanks to the hard work of their Tunbridge Wells based team and loyal UK workshops.
Toulson Jones Jewellers can set as many or as few diamonds within your wedding band at your request, creating a unique ring with gleaming elegance.
Full wedding ring collection available to view in our Tunbridge Wells shop in Kent.

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