Proudly Danish, REC Watches stand uniquely amongst its rivals. Every single REC timepiece incorporates salvaged, recycled parts from iconic vehicles that are beyond repair, such as Porsche 911's, Ford Mustang's, Classic Mini's and Mini Cooper's. A concept they named RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECLAIM - or just REC for short. Wearing a REC Watch watch makes a statement. Toulson Jones Jewellers of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent are an authorised UK retailer of REC watches. Buy your REC watch from an authorised REC retailer to ensure that your watch is authentic. Only an authorised REC retailer can provide you with exclusive access to REC’s special parts and expertise, including the REC international manufacturer’s warranty. If the REC warranty is not stamped by an official agent at the time of purchase, the watch will not be recognised by REC Watches or any of its service centres.